Clik Recruitment One Year

We are very happy and proud to say that we have now been recruiting in the Data and Analytics sector for a whole year! 

It has been very rewarding, challenging and fun starting up a completely new business from scratch and we couldn't have asked for a better start than we have had.  

When Morgan and I first started discussing possible business projects we could do together, it quickly became very clear what we wanted to do. Why not combine our biggest interests; Recruitment and Data Science?  So not only did we create the opportunity to work together (well Morgan part time since he spend most of his valuable time making payments smoooth @Klarna), we also got the chance to do what we love.

We hope that our candidates and clients can tell how much we enjoy this, and we promise to keep on immersing ourselves in this sector.

To all of you who gave us the chance to work with you, THANK YOU! 

We believe that the data revolution has only just begun, and that the need for our services will only increase in the coming years. We want to keep helping our clients finding top talent, by being a transparent, straight forward and efficient partner in the recruitment process.



And oh, if you ever think of starting up a business in Sweden: let us know, we'll share some tips and tricks about that as well ;)