Meet up with Stockholm R UseR Group!

We got the chance to co-host a meetup together with Stockholm R UseR Group yesterday! We had a great evening and would like to share all the interesting material in this post. 

Our first talk was by Olga Mierzwa-Sulima, Senior Data Scientist at Appsilon. She talked about several packages they've built for extending Shiny to support routing, internationalization, Semantic UI and more. To see her full presentation please visit the following links: 

"Making Shiny shine brighter" 





Secondly, Morgan Ström, co-founder of Clik Recruitment and Lead Data and People Science at Alva Labs, shared how he is using Stan and Bayesian statistics in his current job.  

"Bayesian modeling in Stan for personality test data"




You can find the full presentation and code from Morgan´s talk here: Google slides and Github

We had a great evening and hope that all who came also enjoyed! If you have any follow up questions about the talks and/or want to do something similar with us, just contact us and we'll set something up! 

Thanks again!