Have you grown tired of working alone in an organization that doesn't appreciate the value of the data they have? Are you looking for a new opportunity, or do you want to hear more about your possibilities? We can help you and give you the informtation you need. Below you can read about the options of how we can help you as a candidate. Regardless which route you decide to go for, we want you to know that our services are totally free for you as a candidate! 


are you looking for a new opportunity...

Most of the time we get in contact with candidates that are eager to have a new job. When we do, we screen the market to see what kinds of opportunitites there are available. We then pinpoint the ones that we think would be interesting for you, and present them for you. If there are any that sounds exciting for you, we proceed by sending your application to the customer. We take care of the full process, booking interview slots and sometimes we even do the salary negotiation for you.  All to make the process easy and efficient for you. 

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or maybe you just want to hear about your possibilities? 

Everyday we get in contact with candidates that aren''t looking for new opportunities right now, why you can wonder? We think that longterm relationships will be what makes us accheive our goals. This really makes us value the contact with you as a candidate and we will always share our market knowledge with you. When we have gotten to know you, we also know what kind of opportuntities that would interest you. So even if you are not looking right now, we would be happy to get your CV so that we will now when the opportunity arise just for you.