We believe that the growing market for data and analytics will put a lot of demands on organizations of today.

Attracting and retaining skilled data professionals is becoming harder with an increasing demand for their skills across industries. In order to create successful teams, companies will need to find the right people for their specific business needs, matching individual skills and personalities with the team mission. We want to help you build teams that will improve business performance, increase customer satisfaction and in the long run make society more intelligent!  


Clik Recruitment actively follow three values we have identified to contribute to a more technical, modern and open Sweden. 



We want to work for an open climate and an open Sweden. We believe in open-source and to share information. We also strongly believe in welcoming competence, regardless of where it comes from. 


We want to work for new and better ways of solving old problems. Data is everywhere and it must be put to use in a progressive yet respectful way. By adapting new methodology and technology in clever ways, we can create a new world where data is for everyone.



To be able to manage the growing amount of data and get relevant insights from it, we need the right people in the right roles. Disregarding who you are or where you come from; if you have the competence, we will find you a challenge that fits you.