We at Clik Recruitment work actively with three words that together build the values we have to contribute to a technical, modern and open Sweden.



We want to work for an open climate and an open Sweden. We believe in open source and to share information. We also strongly believe in welcoming the competence needed, regardless from wherever it comes from. 



We want to work with you in the field to continue to make Sweden internationally known as one of the most modern countries in the world. By being on the front edge finding the solutions of tomorrow, Sweden can be that in data and analysis as well.  This will happen thorugh hiring smart people with innovative and uinque ideas. 



To be able to handle the growing amount of data and make relevant insights from it, we need the right people at the right place. The market is growing quickly and Sweden should be in the front line. Clik Recruitment dedicate our efforts, time and energy into finding the right candidate to the right position.